Can Hamsters Eat Meat?

What should be the ideal diet of hamsters? Can Hamsters eat meat daily? If you own a hamster for the first time, you might be concerned about what it eats. 

Well, these little critters can eat different things. So it’s not difficult to give a solid eating regimen to your hamster. However, never give a hamster any sharp or tacky food, as it can stick inside their check pockets and cause genuine harm. 

Let’s find out how much meat you can feed to hamsters in a routine without affecting their health.

Can They Eat Meat?

Yes, hamsters can eat meat, but remember, you can’t feed them much of it. They can’t just eat any meat. Their diet only contains a small portion of meat, with vegetables, seeds, and grains. So, these hamsters are not carnivores like your dog or cat. 

You might find it strange, but they eat meat despite having those cute beady eyes and fluffy fur. A tiny portion of their diet has meat in it. Therefore, they can even spend their entire life without eating any meat at all. 

And they will not feel any worse about it, but if you offer them some meat, they won’t turn it down either. So, these little critters find some animal protein sources in the wild, which is why they can eat meat. 

Benefits to Your Hamster Eating Meat

You need to understand that if your hamsters like to eat light meat, that doesn’t mean it goes hunting chickens. These meats are recommended because they are very light. 

In the wild, hamsters like to nibble on crickets and grasshoppers occasionally. And these are the primary sources of protein for your hamsters in the wild, apart from seeds and grains. They might also have a nibble on a mealworm if they want to. But this doesn’t happen much, and that’s because they have to hunt for these insects and worms.

There are much easier ways to get protein out there in the wild, and that is through grains and seeds. But if they need to, they will snatch up a worm or an insect just like any rodent would do. 

If you are too keen on giving your hamster friend some protein, those commercial foods also contain vegetable proteins, minerals, and fibers. So, your hamster is getting soy and beans-based protein which is quite good for them. 

Beef or whey-based protein foods won’t last as long as soy or bean-based foods do, and they are more expensive too. But these foods are way more efficient in getting protein into your little furball’s diet. 

Your hamster will feel much more energetic with these proteins, and its muscles and bones will become much stronger. As a result, they can develop a better routine and sleep well. With proper rest, their bodies will become much more rejuvenated and rested, and they will participate in different activities with joy. Eventually, their mood will be happy too.  

What You Need to Know

Make sure you give your hamster some light meat in small amounts. This is important because they cannot digest red meat. And it will damage their digestive tract, which might prove to be fatal for them. 

Apart from that, don’t give them too much meat. They won’t eat more than they want, and anything left in their cage might go bad after a while. This can cause a plethora of different problems for your little friend, and it might develop any infections that might again prove to be fatal for it. 

Also, take care that the meat you give to your little hamster friend doesn’t contain any small bones in it. Otherwise, your hamster might end up choking on them, and this might result in something disastrous for your little furball. 

What Meat Can \ Can’t Hamsters Eat?

hamster and meat

If you provide them with white meat daily, that might prove to be a bit too much for them. So, you need to keep it in control and don’t feed them too much meat. 

What can they have?

Hamsters can have chicken, shrimp, and fish. These are light and are great for hamsters. But keep in mind that you always give your hamster friend some completely bland meat. 

It means that they can only eat un-spiced and unsalted meat. You can bake or boil the meat but don’t add any oils. Make sure not to add any cold cuts, fried meat, or lunch meat, even if they are made of chicken, shrimp, or fish meat. 

Your little hamsters can have any meaty part of a chicken, and if you are going for the fish, it should be a light fish. Only use baked meat, and you don’t need to add lemon or garlic to it. Feed your hammy with completely boneless meat as it can choke on those tiny bones that might be present in the meat. 

Shrimps are good for your hammy friend because they are not very smelly among the seafood. These hamsters have a very sensitive nose, and they won’t eat anything if they don’t like the smell of it. However, other seafood like crab meat, surimi, calamari rings, and octopus are not great for these hamsters. But this statement is merely based on assumptions because no one has tried these foods with hamsters. So, you are more than welcome to try them out. 

But it’s always a safe bet to stick with the variety you know is the best for your hamster. Just make sure to give them a small quantity. The quantity should not exceed the size of your thumbnails. These hamsters are small in size, so they will not need much meat to consume either. 

What can’t they have?

Hamsters don’t like eating red meat, or large bird meat, or even venison. It means that pork, turkey, bereft, deer, goose, duck, and anything else apart from chicken, shrimp, and fish will not work well for your little friend. 

Your hamster’s little belly is not made to process these types of meats. Therefore, their digestive tract is quite different from what we humans have. 

Your furball might want to eat a kind of meat if it smells as if you have cooked it. But keep in mind that you can only give it to him according to the properties mentioned above. Otherwise, it is not going to be very healthy for them. 


Final Word

There you have it. Now you know what kind of meat hamsters can eat. Feed them only light meat, and don’t feed them too much. Also, make sure the meat doesn’t contain any seasoning at all. Your hamster friend will love to eat it. 

Meat is a great source of protein for them. But don’t give them any other type of meat than recommended. Otherwise, it will be unhealthy for your delicate little friend.

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