How to Get a Hamster to Like You?

If you’re not getting hold of a hamster, you are not the only one. Many pet owners don’t know how to get a hamster to like you. 

Every hamster owner wants to form a bond or a relationship with the hamster. But you need to understand these little animals are nocturnal and don’t like the company. Therefore, forming a bond with your little hammy can be a bit more difficult than you think. 

But there is no reason that you shouldn’t try to develop a relationship with it. This guide will show you how to establish a bond with these standoffish animals and get them like you more. 

How to Get a Hamster to Like You

Getting your little friend like you is all about making it feel more comfortable when you are around. First, you need to make it familiar with your scent. They also need to get accustomed to the new environment. 

You can get them through a few lessons so they can know and like you better. In addition, they will become more receptive to being pet and held after you make them go through these four lessons. 

4 lessons to make your hamsters more comfortable with you

  • You need to hold your hamster and introduce it to the play tub. You can also entice them in your hand and treat them with your love and care.
  • Show them a game that they will continue to enjoy playing for a long time to trust you even more. 
  • You have to make sure you practice the above-mentioned two activities regularly or daily to affirm your progress. 
  • Develop your relationship and have fun with your hamster when you play around with your little friend. This way it will be more comfortable and start spending time with you. 
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How to Tame Your Little Hamster?

Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind before you begin the taming process of your little friend. 

All the hamsters are not the same and come with different personalities. Therefore, it’s okay if some of them might not get friendly with you. However, if your hamster is not cooperating with you when taming it, make sure you are not pushy about it. 

The age of your hamster will be a crucial factor in the taming process. A younger hamster might be a bit less settled in its ways. 

The place where you bought your hamster will be very influential in its overall behaviour. For example, if you have bought it from an ethical breeder, your hamster will be much easier to tame. This is because it will have plenty of experience in socialization. On the other hand, hamsters from different pet stores will be more standoffish and resist the taming process. 

So, you should try to tame your hamster very gently. It’s just a friendly heads up that some hamsters tend to resist taming, so you need to be more affectionate in the process. 

Bringing Your Hamster Home

If you are confident that your little hamsters are accustomed to your scent, you can skip down to the section called Taming Lessons. But those who are new to this entire process need to make their hamster a lot more comfortable. These lessons are as follows: 

  • You must resist the urge to play with your new friend as soon as you bring it home. Hammys are fickle and timid. They have to get familiar with their new home first. If you try to be too hasty, they will get scared and won’t form a bond.
  • It would be better to leave your new friend alone in its cage for a couple of days. The new environment causes them enough stress. Also, it’s a transition period, and they don’t need you messing with them during this phase. 
  • Right around the 4th or 5th day, you can introduce a tissue that has your scent on it and place it in the room right next to the cage. So, you won’t startle your new friend with your presence. 
  • You are exposing your scent without any direct contact with him. And it’s the better way to approach the matter at this time. You are reducing any chances of your hamster biting you when you begin with the taming lessons. 
  • When you introduce your scented tissues to your hamster, you can try to feed your hamster with some treats. For example, you can give them some carrots, cauliflowers, broccoli, or squash.

Once you have them eating from your hand, it’s time for you to move to those taming lessons. This whole process might take a shorter or longer time, based on your hamster’s personality. 

You have to make sure you keep these lessons in a space with which your little friend is comfortable. Don’t force your hamster, or it will not cooperate. Also, don’t get too stressed out with the process. Your little buddy will notice your anxiousness and become uneasy. 

Your hamster’s innate nature and temperament

Just like humans, these hamsters also have their innate character, and they are born with it. It means that genetics are playing their role here, and each hamster has inconstant behavioural tendencies. In simple words, some of these hamsters might be friendlier than others. 

You won’t be able to assess a hamster’s innate nature and temperament when you bring it home for the first time. You might have bought it from a pet store or an online ad, or even a friend in most cases. 

Even if you want to, in most cases, you might not have much time to assess its innate nature from its previous home. So, you will have to spend some time to understand its temperament. 

Can socialization influence your hamster’s friendliness level

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The presence or absence of socialization in a hamster’s life adds another layer to your hamster’s temperament and its friendliness. 

It will determine how much time a hamster takes to develop a bond with a human. Of course, this would be possible only if the hamster has already spent enough time with humans. 

Hamsters that you buy from pet stores are not exposed to humans that much, and they are shy. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to win them over. On the contrary, spend more time and develop a bond with your little friend. 

Taming Lessons 

There are some materials to get your hamster through these taming lessons. These include a small cup, a hamster ball, a playpen, and a play tub. When you have these supplies, you can immediately start with the taming lessons and work your way in building a friendly bond with the hamster. 

Day 1 – Get your hamster comfortable with you holding it

On the first day, your goal is to make your hamster happy and comfortable with you holding it and crawling all over your hands. 

  • You can place the hamster ball right next to the door of the cage and allow it to find its way into it. Never force your hamster to get into the ball, so this step will take a while. 
  • You can place the ball within the tub and allow him to explore its new surroundings. It might puzzle them a bit, but they will get used to it in no time. 
  • Now you need to bribe your hammy with some treats. So, open both your hands up with a piece of carrot placed on your palm. Now, lay your hands at the bottom of the play tub. 
  • At first, your hamster might be standoffish, but they won’t be able to resist for long. Next, you will notice your hamster has adventured onto your palm and started eating. 
  • Make sure you stay calm during this period. If you become anxious that your hamster might bite you, they will become tense in response.
  • Once your hamster is done with the piece of carrot, it will start running around you. It’s time to put the hamster ball back into its tub and allow it to jump into it.  
  • Now, put your hamster back in its cage using the hamster ball. Hold the ball up to the cage and once your hamster is inside, provide them with the treat. 

Day 2 – Establishing trust 

Next up is establishing trust between you and the hamster, and here are the steps that you need to take:

  • Repeat all the steps you did on the first day to establish a little routine for your hamster. After that, your hamster will feel more comfortable. 
  • Now you can introduce a small-sized cup to your hamster and try to lure him with the cup. 
  • As soon as your hamster enters the cup, lift it gently. Then, using your other hand, you can make a bridge so that your little friend can jump off to reach the tub’s bottom. 
  • After some turns, your hammy will start the climb to the cup on its own to jump off, and it will become a game for your hamster. With The development of this new game, your hamster will start trusting you. 
  • Continue with the game until your hammy has become tired and hungry and return it to its cage using the hamster ball.

The following days

The following days you have to reaffirm the progress of the previous two days. You won’t need to add any new steps. Continue with the same steps for the next couple of days. And then make a playpen that is big enough for you and your hamster. 

You can use the same hamster ball to bring it out of the cage and into the playpen. At first, it will be reluctant. But, eventually, it will enter the playpen. That’s the time to have fun with your little friend. You have developed a bond with your hamster now. 



The matter of “how to get a hamster to like you” depends on the innate nature of the hamster. It will become much easier to tame if it is friendlier and more receptive to the taming lessons. 

But even if it is more standoffish, you need to make sure that you don’t force it too much. Otherwise, your hamster friend will become stressed.

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