Why Is My Hamster Trying to Escape?

Do you wake up every day wondering; why is my hamster trying to escape? What is it that you are doing wrong that’s preventing it from staying peacefully in its cage?

If your hamster is trying to run and is determined to make it possible, it is quite a problematic situation. Of course, every animal loves the comfort of its cage, but why does your hamster seem intent to leave its safe zone and move into a world where it’s more vulnerable to different injuries?

Keeping a hamster in its cage can be very challenging. However, we have found a way to make your furry friend feel safe and happy in its home. Read below to find the answers to all your concerns and take action accordingly. 

Why Is My Hamster Trying to Escape?

Before we find a solid solution, we need to enlighten ourselves with the reasons. For example, most hamsters love their cages, while others don’t feel comfortable being in them and make efforts to run away. 

Here are a few reasons behind this act and their solutions:

Your Hamster Is Pretty Curious and Is Eager to Explore

Hamsters are often considered shy, but they are also very curious. They like to know everything that’s going on around them by popping their heads now and then. It is why sometimes you might see your friend climbing the cage or chewing the bars in sheer frustration. 

If your hamster does that more than often, you should take some time out and give it your attention. For instance, if you are busy chopping vegetables in the kitchen, give a carrot slice to your furry pet, too, so it knows what is making you busy. 

Moreover, you might also witness the hamster trying to grab something placed out of their cage. A failure to do so makes it hyper and curious. In that situation, you should remove the thing or distract your pet with something else. 

You Have an Active Yet Bored Hamster

Have you ever wondered whether your hamster is trying to escape or is it just being its active self? Hamsters often have fast-paced lives as they love to run, chew and climb. 

So, if your pet tries to escape, you shouldn’t be much worried, but it is always right to feel concerned and keep checking. 

Signs of Boredom

Hamsters love entertainment, so they require things like toys, hammocks, and other fun elements within their space to keep boredom at bay. But, if they aren’t getting any of that, they might want to run away from their zone and become hyperactive or might just sleep all day.

Moreover, bored hamsters are also avid chewers. But you might think, don’t hamsters love to chew anyways because this habit helps them maintain their incisors? Yes, they do, but chewing the cage’s bars isn’t a healthy and safe activity and demands your full attention. 

Besides, if you have a worn-out and old cage, the hamster may easily chew the bars and get free. So, before they find an opportunity like that, you should take measures to stop this habit. 

There are so many things you can do to prevent your furry pet from getting bored. For instance, you can fit a hamster wheel in the cage. It can be a great source of entertainment and leisure for your pet. 

Moreover, you can also try giving it some fantastic toys and stimulations such as tunnels. Also, to burn all its energy, make sure to let your hamster work out with a ball when it’s out of the cage for some time. Adding these elements to the hamster’s life will help to keep it busy and happy. 

The Hamster Craves for More Space

Do you think that your hamster has enough space to move around in its cage? If its home is too small than required, it will eventually feel uneasy and find ways to escape the tight boundaries. So, you need to make sure the size of the cage meets the hamster’s specific requirements. 

For instance, the minimum floor space for most Syrian hamsters is 24 by 12 inches. However, you should get something more significant for your pet so it can run around and breathe. 

Also, most hamsters like cages that are low and wide. Sometimes the one with many levels may look fun, but it restricts space which doesn’t work well for many pets. 

While choosing the best cage for your pet, you should also consider the space between the cage wires. A hamster can squeeze and pass through the gaps, so make sure they aren’t too wide. 

Your Hamster Is Scared

Regardless of perfect temperature, food, entertainment, and cage size, if your hamster is still trying to escape, there is something else that’s bothering it. And one of the most common reasons is that it might be scared. 

So, look out for people or animals who are speaking or interacting with your pet. It can be kids, guests, or even your other animals that might be causing discomfort for the hamster. Once you have found out, find a solution to make your furry pet feel safe. 

You can choose to keep your hamster in a different room for some days, away from a cat or a dog. Moreover, if your pet feels scared in your company, build trust and spend time with it, so it gets used to your distinctive smell. 

Besides, you can also try to feed your pet with your hands, which helps to slowly develop his trust towards you. Finally, talk to the hamster so that it knows who loves it more than anyone else. 

Help! The Hamster Has Finally Escaped

If you have failed to implement all the solutions above, you might experience losing your hamster. But you shouldn’t feel bad or useless when that happens. Even the very careful and devoted owners have gone through this. 

However, without panicking, you should take measures and waste no time. To make your hamster’s escape unsuccessful, here are a few things you can do: 

  • Search for its droppings and then find the route
  • Listen to its sounds
  • Lure it with its favorite treats
  • Build harmless traps

Once your hamster is back, find reasons behind the escape. Check the cage’s condition and make amendments to prevent this from happening again. For instance, if the pen doesn’t have a lock, get one and seal the bars to reduce gaps. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common questions asked by hamster owners like you. Take a look and see if their answers address your concerns. 

Final Words

We hope you have finally found an answer to why is your hamster trying to escape. It isn’t a great feeling to see your pet feeling frustrated and unsafe in its own home. 

However, as an owner, you shouldn’t cry over your friend’s misery or get panicked. Instead, take fast actions to get it out of its troubles. 

So now that you know what your hamster might want from you, get to work and give it the life it deserves. 

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